Little Ant Children's Books by Ilene Dudek

September 21, 2017 | Nutley, NJ

Nutley Public Library Welcomes Little Ant on the Go

The Nutley Public Library hosted a very special Meet the Author Story Time on Saturday, September 16, 2017. Local author Ilene Dudek was invited to come in and read her new children’s book Little Ant on the Go.

Ilene began the event with a short story about herself and how the ant came to be. She then gave a dynamic reading of her new book. She was animated and excited to share her story, and engaged the crowd with questions like, “What’s your favorite treat at the bakery?” and “What would you do if someone took your scooter?” She encouraged the children to share their own stories, leading the discussion to new and surprising places. One child reported that after he caught a fish, he brought it home and threw it in the garbage! Another child said you should call 911 if someone takes your toys. She did a wonderful job including everyone and connecting her story to their own, personal experiences.  

When the reading was finished, Ilene then brought the book to life. She invited the group to play several games, including Act like the Ant and What’s Missing? She quickly had all the kids involved, acting out scenes from her book and putting their memories to the test. From 2-year-olds to 10-year-olds, everyone was happy to shake out their sillies and become the little ant.

Story time ended with a sneak peek at her second book Little Ant Hears a Noise, which is scheduled to release in October. The children were also given a coloring page and activity, while Ilene signed books and chatted with the parents.

This was truly a fun and exciting story time. Ilene engaged the children by inviting them to use their imaginations, move their bodies and explore the world of this lovable character. She took the kids on a wonderful journey – one that started with the ant and ended with them!

Ilene’s new book Little Ant on the Go is now available at the Nutley Public Library.

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November 15, 2017 | Nutley, NJ

Little Ant Hears a Noise
The second book in a children’s series by local author Ilene Dudek

Ilene Dudek presents Little Ant Hears a Noise, the second book in her new children’s series featuring a lovable ant and his wild adventures. In this next story, the ant faces his fear of nighttime noises. From banging pipes to rainy weather, he quickly discovers the power of his imagination to turn those scary noises into the music of his dreams.

Ilene is a Nutley, NJ mom who wrote this book as a way to ease her children’s fears. “When my sons, Matthew, age 9, and Alex, age 4, hear a noise at night, their imaginations run wild.” I thought, “If you can imagine something scary, then why not imagine something beautiful?”

Ilene uses colorful images, easy-to-read words and a lighthearted story to address a common childhood problem. She offers a technique to not only conquer your fears, but to have a little fun along the way.

The little ant was first introduced in June 2017 with the release of her book Little Ant on the Go. A humorous story of mishap and adventure, this breakout book was well-received by the local community. It is currently available at the Nutley Public Library, has been shared with several daycares and was even featured on Spotlight New Jersey - News 12. Making a big name for this little ant, Ilene continues her fun-loving series with Little Ant Hears a Noise.

Ilene Dudek is a new author who comes from the advertising industry. She enjoyed many years as a copywriter, but when the opportunity presented itself to change her path; she took the chance to follow her dreams. Ilene now writes from the heart, drawing on inspiration from her children and her own life experiences. She hand-illustrates the images in her books and creates the copy to go alongside them. Ilene is fulfilling her dreams and sharing the journey – one crazy adventure at a time!  

Little Ant Hears a Noise can be found at

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July 20, 2017 | Nutley, NJ

Little Ant on the Go
A children’s book by local author Ilene Dudek

Ilene Dudek, author of a new children’s book Little Ant on the Go uses a humorous story of mishap and adventure to teach young children to experience and embrace all that life has to offer. The main character finds himself in many unusual, sticky situations – but always seems to find his way out with a little bit of grace and a whole lot of fun.

Ilene Dudek was born and raised in northern NJ, and uses her book to promote local events and raise awareness for special causes that relate to her characters. She is always on the go with continued efforts to connect with her community, embrace life and do her part to make the world a better, more exciting place.

Since its June 2017 release, Little Ant on the Go has received an overwhelming response from its readership. Young children and parents alike, enjoy this whimsical tale.

“This story is very entertaining and fun to read!! I've read it to my 3-year-old many times, and he loves it! The illustrations are very colorful and eye catching. So cute!!” – Amazon Customer

Ilene Dudek is a copywriter with several years’ experience in the advertising industry. Although she enjoyed a rewarding career, nothing compared to time well-spent with her two fun-loving boys. When the opportunity presented itself to change her path and follow her dreams, she took the chance. Ilene wrote and hand-illustrated this book – inspired by her boys who are always on the go. Now, like the ant, she is enjoying the adventure of a lifetime!

Little Ant on the Go is about an ant who accidentally gets flushed down the toilet and embarks on a wild adventure to find his way home. Read more at

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March 1, 2018 | Nutley, NJ

Local Author Ilene Dudek Releases Her Third Little Ant Children’s Book
Little Ant Saves the Day is chock-full of adventure

Ilene Dudek, author of the Little Ant children’s series, presents her new book Little Ant Saves the Day. This colorful picture book continues the fun and adventure by introducing a new character with a big problem—untied shoelaces! When a caterpillar struggles to tie his many shoes, the ant hatches a crazy scheme to help his friend in need. But an attempt to save the day lands him in a world of trouble. Through many twists and turns, the ant finally discovers that the trouble he’s in holds the key to his success. ­

The Little Ant series, launched in June 2017, was inspired by Ilene’s two fun-loving, active boys. Their sense of wonder and adventure quickly became the underlying theme for all her books. Whether the ant was “on the go” or turning fear into fun, Ilene used her own life experiences to guide her imaginative stories.

“This book practically wrote itself,” Ilene recalls. “When my son was five, he had trouble tying his shoes. Every morning, we ran late for school because of it. He finally decided to tie knots and just slip them on and off. This planted the seed. Then on vacation, my other son’s shoe wouldn’t Velcro shut. An enjoyable stroll through town became an hour-long meltdown. As I tried to safety-pin it back on, the story was complete.”

Little Ant Saves the Day takes the Little Ant series to the next level with its surprising plot, interactive story elements and a touch of science. Everyday situations are turned upside down, and wild ideas become the norm as they pave the way for yet another zany adventure. Its bright, colorful images and easy-to-read words truly bring this silly yet suspenseful tale to life.  

As a new author, Ilene has enjoyed early success with her Little Ant children’s series. Each book continues to build on the last, pushing the boundaries of the imagination and further developing the exciting world of the little ant. Her books convey a common message—to have fun, follow your dreams and enjoy the journey along the way. Ilene hopes to continue following her own dreams and inspiring young readers to do the same!

Little Ant Saves the Day can be found at


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Little Ant on the Go
Book Reading at Sarkis and Siran Gabrellian Child Care and Learning Center 

On August 1, 2017, I did my first-ever book reading. It was at the Sarkis and Siran Gabrellian Child Care and Learning Center (CCLC) in Hackensack, NJ, one of the largest single site child care centers in the United States. Let’s just say, it turned out to be quite an adventure!

Much like my book, my reading was filled with excitement, wonder, anticipation and a little bit of fear. I have never been a big fan of public speaking, so you can imagine I was a bit nervous. Could I do this with as much grace and adventure as the little ant?

The answer was a resounding “yes”! Moments before my reading, I was met with an unexpected guest – a window washer who suction-cupped himself to the glass 10 feet above me, as my backdrop. His timing was impeccable and the scene, quite humorous! As the 20+ children filed into the atrium, they busted-out in surprised laughter as they saw the dangling man with his trusted squeegee. What an ice breaker! And the perfect opportunity to embrace life – in all its crazy, unexpected glory.

This exact message is at the heart of my book. The little ant finds himself in many sticky situations, but always makes it through by embracing (and enjoying!) all that life has to offer. It was time for me to do the same.

From that moment on, my reading went off without a hitch. The children were so much fun! They shared their own stories of fishing and their love of bakeries and cupcakes. I couldn’t have asked for a better audience. They really connected to my story and to the meaning behind it. They saw the wonder in everyday experiences, searched for new adventures and best of all, they truly enjoyed life!

I’d like to thank the CCLC for hosting such an incredible first-time book reading. Everyone was so welcoming, and eager to join me on this exciting new journey. They reminded me to put down the fear and embrace the fun – and together, we shared an amazing adventure!

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Ilene Dudek, Nutley Author, Releases New Children's Book

Nutley author Ilene Dudek presents her second book, "Little Ant Hears a Noise," featuring a lovable ant and his fear of nighttime noises.

NUTLEY, NJ — Nutley children's book author Ilene Dudek has a new addition to the "Little Ant" series. According to Dudek, "Little Ant Hears a Noise" is the second book in her children's series featuring a lovable ant and his wild adventures...

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